Getting Unlimited Text for Your Snaps

With various Snapchat tricks being unveiled every day, users on this platform are continually discovering new ways they can use the app. currently, there is a trick that you may use to get unlimited text for your snaps. This is very beneficial for those looking forward to advertising through Snapchat followers. As it is the case for other social media platforms, there is an upper limit that is imposed on update fields on Snapchat. With this trick, you can bypass the imposed text upper limit on this social media platform.

The trick itself is pretty simple, but has been proven to work; you just need t turn your mobile phone to a horizontal view while typing and sending out snaps on the platform. After this, you should follow this procedure:

  • Open a notes app on your phone. Hit the return key several times to increase the typing space as much as you want.
  • Select all the text you have typed, copy it and exit the notes app.
  • Open the Snapchat app, take a video or picture, hit the text icon and paste your block of text.

This will give you an opportunity to include as much text as you want on your posts.