Monthly Archives: March 2016

Color Schemes: Do They Matter?

If you have free followers on your social media platforms, you want to make sure that you understand that they can do more than just casually like a post. They can become engaged and active members of your online followership. The key, though, to building a following that is active and that is engaged is not to simply post content. Instead, you want to make sure that you are using your platform to engage and drive your followers in the right way.

Colors can do a lot in motivating individuals. There is a whole science and focus on research behind this. Scientists look at the combination of colors and how they drive moods. For instance, you will likely see a lot of reds and yellows on pages and in physical locations that are driving food sales. This is because these two hues tend to make individuals hungry. As such, they are more likely to sell more foods and everything associated with edibles. The same can be used in the creation of a social media page. The colors that you use can drive free likes and the acquisition of followers. The way in which you do this is up to you but a little bit of research can go a long way in driving your sales and page growth.

Instagram Video Views: Can I Buy in Bulk

Growing an Instagram page is something that is very meaningful and important for those that have an account. It helps to show that there is popularity and interest in posts and, thus, an account holder when they get a lot of Instagram views. Whether it is on video posts or Instagram video views, these are important in that they show a business is making connections with their audience and, thus, growing it. Yet, many times, it feels as if getting a large number of likes over time is nearly impossible.

When an individual chooses to buy views on Instagram or on any other social media platform, however, they can make quick strides in perceived popularity. In what seems like an instant, an account can get hundreds to thousands of views. Of course, this is only when an account buys their views or other services in bulk, something that is very important to consider when choosing what types of views you want for your page. If you are an account holder or administrator of a page, then, you should consider buying in bulk if you want growth quickly on your account or accounts.