Deleting An Automatic Like You Initiated

News 12:07 July 2018:

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Every one of us has a reason to why they opt for an automatic like to reach their followers. It may be to spread the news about an employment opportunity, an announcement, an unfolding event or just a funny photo or clip. At some instances, however, you may realize that the twee tyou liked is not relevant or causing friction among some of your followers. The chances are minimal that you wrongly liked because you get an opportunity to confirm before sending. This should not worry you because you can delete the automatic likes using these simple steps.

First, locate and identify the one you intend to pull down. You can find you likes quickly because, on each one you posted, it has ‘you liked’ on top of it. Before those words, you will see a green like icon. Once you are sure it is the one you intend to get rid of, scroll down the tweet and go to the like button in between the reply and like buttons. You will see it highlighted in green. Put the cursor on top of like button, ‘undo like’ will pop up. Click on it and it is pulled down from your timeline and of followers so long as they have not liked further. The original tweet won’t be deleted from your timeline anyway. It is that simple.