Why People Like

News 02:11 November 2019:

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When twitter first introduced the like icon, their aim was to enable people to share ‘particularly important likes.’ Today, liking someone else’s post means so much. Psychologically, liking can be a way of measuring the value of information posted on twitter. When you share someone’ message, in a way you mean that their message is valuable and important. On the other end, people most likely share your posts because they are valuable. Another reason people like is to increase awareness. News of the death of a famous person for instance spread instantly.

As a twitter user therefore, knowing why people use the automatic likes icon is key to helping you post content that will be valuable to your followers and at the same time get shared. So, how do you know what content is valuable? The secret is in the crafting. For instance, people don’t react so positively to tweets about food and meals. However, if you craft a tweet that suggests why it is so important to take time to prepare good dinner and post a link about it, people are likely to like or like it. And don’t just end at the message, include call to action or ‘don’t you agree message.’